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Over the years Yossi Shina - founder and CEO of Meshi Technologies , has recieved many recommendation letters , due to his kind service and costumer care . Here we gathered few of them for your impression.


Danny Berko

Marketing & Business Development, Cyber Security

I highly recommend Yossi, Meshi's CEO as an innovative and trusted business partner. He was always able to successfully complete the tasks with favorable results despite deadline pressure. Yossi is dedicated to succeed with strong work ethic and unparalleled analytical and problem solving skills. Yossi leads by example and I find his enthusiasm and dedication both inspiring and motivating. Give Yossi the really challenging tasks, the ones that everyone else is struggling with, and he will get them done. Yossi possesses a winning combination of solid tech skills and business sense. Experiencing his quick and sharp mind at work is most impressive.


May 4, 2014, Danny was with another company when working with Yossi at MESHI TECHNOLOGIES

Yuval Givon

Career coach & HR Manager at Talent Hitech

I worked with Yossi for more than 10 years .

I've always felt that Yossi gives the maximum attention and very professional service with reliability and integrity. 

Yossi gave technical projects services including engineering , design and manufacturing services. Yuval Givon


May 12, 2014, Yuval was Yossi's client

Shahar Magen

Electronics Manager at Orbotech

I met Yossi on 2009. He suggested me replacement for component we where using. Yossi first confirmed our requirements than found some options for replacement and after we choose one, he took care of getting samples and adapting them into our machine. Yossi was very cooperative, well aware to our company needs, very professional and above all this very pleasant person to work with. I would recommand Yossi's services to every busness developing mechanical/electrical/electromechanical items and want to do cost reduction or have second source. Shahar


October 28, 2012, Shahar was Yossi's client

Oren Perach

VP at perach group

Yossi and I are friends for nearly 20 years, I have always known him to be a very hard worker and a go getter. He is very dedicated and loyal while constantly keeping his sys on the ball, very target oriented.


May 24, 2009, Oren studied with Yossi at Hamaslool Ha'akademi shel Hamichlala Leminhal

Qiao Helen

sales at Shenzhen Owire Investment & Development Co., Ltd

Yossi Shina is one of my clients ,he is a good business partner


July 16, 2014, Qiao was a consultant or contractor to Yossi at ipu industries

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