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Meshi Technologies Ltd., was founded in 2007 in order to provide personally customized engineering solutions that fulfill the unique requirements of the high-tech community. 

Since its establishment, Meshi Technologies’ staff of engineers has acquired a wealth of experience presenting clients with comprehensive Turn-Key solutions, including Siemens, HP, Orbotech, and the Israeli Ministry of Defense. 

Meshi Technologies specializes in custom engineering solutions in the field of mechanical and electromechanical engineering. 

The company has vast experience dealing with cables, connectors, sensors and power supplies.


The vision that drives Meshi Technologies is offering the widest possible range of options for creating a uniquely customized product for the individual needs of its clients.


Meshi Technologies offers comprehensive engineering services that provide the customer with an all-inclusive product.  The firm’s skilled engineers provide a wide variety of planning solutions, including conceptual design, mechanics, electric, plastic parts, and production.


Due to our added experience in varied fields, We are now in a position that allows us to supply our costumers with quality professional solutions. Meshi-Tech's goal is to put our costumers needs first , and to accompany them throughout the entire proccess, beginning to end.


Meshi-Tech thinks of itself as a leader in it's field, and has established connections over the years , with many different partners in varied fields. Due to these connections , we are able to provide our costumers with a variety of different solutions for different problems.


Meshi-Tech is an exclusive representative of many companies in the fields of cables raw material, optical communication and electro-mechaninc components.


Over the years ,MESHI-TECH has gotten several recommendation letters, due to it's excellent service and costumer care


Some of our costumers


MESHI-TECH is the representative of several companies in israel


MESHI-TECH's management 


Here you can read about us, our representors, our costumers, and some intersting info from the web.

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