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Today, the DATA Center serves as the heart of the organization.

It holds a Data center, transmits , has security cameras , ext.

The proffesionals have to ensure that their Infrastructure is approachable , flexible with a possiblity of extending. On the other hand, one must realize that the network is based on a quite expensive real estate property so it must be used to proximity and include a phisical solution for heat, cold, and space .


Meshi-Technologies offers a solution for DATA centers based upon Belden prodects.

The solutions are for copper communication or optics cables - or a combination of them both.


Belden solutions are modular, and accostumed to our costumers needs.

The solutions include a full solution for Data centers , including electricity communication rooms for ארונות מאווררים וציוד אבטחה לדלתות.







DATE CENTER Cable rails

We offer cable rails for data centers of VICHHNET CHINA.

The solutions are for communication cables and for optic cables. The producst meet the internationl standards of UL CE SGS TUV.

These products were assemblied in different companies like Coca Cola IBM and more.


The solutions are modular and comes in קיטים להרכבה on the field by the מפרט that was built for the project.




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